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What’s up? I’m Nicole Hwang


I’m a UX/UI designer and video game enthusiast from Philadelphia


This interactive desktop mirror is a product that has different features to help users with applying makeup and buying products. This project addresses the problem about people who buy toxic makeup products. Features include: Makeup Search, Skin Analyzer, Makeup Prep. Users should use this item to find products that suit them and are compatible with their skin.


Drift is an app for meditation and stress relief. It plays calming nature sounds and gives a daily quote so that users can relax. I created this app to experiment and get accustomed to prototyping with Figma.

Journey Journals

Journey Journals is a website that allows people to share their stories about their trips. Users can create logs and view other people’s experiences for fun. It’s also paired with an app so that people can document their trips on the go. It’s a new social media platform specifically for presenting stories about your travels.

No Escape

This interactive book that I designed presents the history of three abandoned prisons: Alcatraz Island, Eastern State Penitentiary and the notorious Squirrel Cage. Along with the history, follow stories haunted by the souls trapped in these prisons forever. Each section has a subtle animation that viewers can see by downloading Artivive on their smartphones. By hovering the in-app camera over certain pages, few images will come to life.


Flo is an interactive planter that provides you with information about the plant you want to raise. Paired with an app, you can see your plant’s traits and its requirements. It’ll send alerts like when to water your plant, to the air quality or if there is enough sunlight. The small device works as a plant pot but also shows basic information mentioned before.